At Benjamin Biscuit Club, we provide a "Montessori" style environment and approach. We aren't a large facility, and we aren't about numbers. Our team is knowledgable in dog behavior and we consider what meets the needs of each dog physically, socially, and emotionally. Some dogs like to be involved in every activity, while some prefer to watch from the sidelines, and we get to know what is best for each dog as an individual.

Our outdoor play areas are in a natural setting, and provide a variety of spaces for the dogs to run, climb, hide, play, and relax. Indoors, your dog will enjoy our cozy house with couches, dog beds, and a warm home environment. We are not a kennel or a warehouse. The dogs have access to inside and outside areas all day and are able to free roam. The small dogs are kept separate from the medium and large dogs.

Since we offer an open play environment, we are only able to accommodate dogs that get along with others. Our team is caring, dedicated, and we love our BBC families! Check us out on Facebook!

Call or Text: (813) 249-2000
Email: benjaminbiscuitclub@gmail.com
Address: 7802 Benjamin Rd. Tampa, FL 33634
Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00-10am and 3:00-6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 8:00-10:00am and 4:00-6:00pm

About Us

Tracy Carathanasis

Tracy is the proud owner of Benjamin Biscuit Club, and she loves her business! She is married with 3 kids and 2 dogs, Margo and Otis. Margo is a shepherd/lab mix, born approximately 2017, and she was Tracy's foster dog with Florida All Retriever Rescue (FARR). Margo arrived with a hole in her eye, and bullets in her head and body. Her eye was stitched up and healed, and adopted by Tracy's family! Otis is a blue harlequin Great Dane, born 2020, as goofy and silly as they come!
Tracy earned her Masters Degree in Counseling and worked as a children's counselor and social worker. Tracy has always loved dogs and wanted to pursue a career working with them. In March 2014, she purchased The Dog Dorks, and made it into her own, Benjamin Biscuit Club. Her experience with dogs began as a teenager in Michigan, where she managed a large boarding facility. She has participated in dog training classes, Fly-ball, and Canine Good Citizen with her own dogs. Tracy is currently a board member with FARR, and regularly fosters dogs in her home.


Camryn has been a Dog Handler with us since June 2023. She is a longtime dog lover and has a great positive energy. Camryn is also a student at USF studying Studio Art, and she is a performer for the Renaissance Festival and Medieval Festival!


Katrina has been our Shift Leader and House Mother since 2013! She stays overnight and weekends and is dedicated to making sure all the dogs (and humans!) are well cared for. She utilizes nursing skills, chef duties, and is always on safety patrol. She is also our webmaster and seamstress, making cute dog beds and covers! Katrina's pride and joy is her boy Scrappy! He is a Yorkipoo, born approximately 2011, and she tells him on a regular basis that he is the "smartest, handsomest, most awesomest boy in 15 galaxies!"


Mandy joined us as a Dog Handler in June 2022. She grew up with her family in the Ocala National Forest raising horses, dogs, and stray cats. Mandy spent 15 years in the education system working with children with special needs. She is a natural with dogs, and has her own Catahoula mix dog, a 2 year old named Bodhi. We're lucky to have her!


Krystel has been a Pack Leader with us since April 2017. Krystel has experience in Pre-School and Childcare, which is valuable knowledge to use with our 4 legged kids! She is an excellent, experienced dog handler, and is also our Artist. Krystel's fur crew includes Storm, Ash, and Blue! Storm is a hound mix born in 2021. She was Tracy's foster puppy, visiting BBC, and Krystel fell in love and adopted her! Ash is a kitty born 2019, and she was part of a litter of kittens discovered by the BBC daycare dogs along our back yard fence! That was quite a day! Blue is a Doberman mix, born approximately 2019, and adopted as a puppy.


Our daycare is Monday- Friday. Drop off is between 7-10am. Pick up between 3-6pm.

We make doggie daycare a great experience for your dog. Our outdoor areas have both shade and sun, and there is access to indoor and outdoor areas all day. We love to have fun with parties and enrichment activities!

Small dogs stay with us in the front office. The office has space for them to play, and there is also an attached small room, the Little Loft. We have a doggie door that leads to their play yard, which connects to the front yard where they can also play or sunbathe.

Medium and Large sized dogs enter through a separate front door of our building. The dogs are all able to participate in supervised playtime, kiddie pool water play, ball play, lizard chasing, squirrel gazing, playground adventure, or just relaxing in our large play yards out back.
We are indoors for quiet time daily in our air conditioned areas, the playroom and Zen Den. During quiet time the lights are dimmed, and the dogs can nap, play quietly, and rest.

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5 Day Card

$125.00 /$25 per visit

10 Day Card

$230.00 /$23 per visit

Single Day

$28.00 /One visit

Second Dog Rate

$18.00 /2nd Dog


Our boarding guests have a daily routine that helps them feel  comfortable and adjust quickly. Wake up, potty outside, breakfast, rest, and then they participate in the full day of daycare activities.   At the end of the day they have dinner, potty outside, time to relax, and bedtime. At night, the dogs are tucked safely inside.  A staff member stays on the premises overnight, giving comfort to the dogs, and a peace of mind to the parents.

Boarding drop off hours are Monday-Friday 7-10am, and Saturday-Sunday 8-10am.  Morning drop off allows the dogs to get settled in for the day. However, we can accommodate afternoon drop offs if needed. 

On the day of check out, if you pick up before 10am, there is no charge for that day.  If you pick up by 6pm, there is a $22  "daycare after boarding" charge (per dog) for that day.

Where do the dogs sleep? We have 8 rooms/areas where the dogs sleep. Each night the dogs are separated into sleeping areas based on their individual needs and preferences. The areas have either a couch, dog bed, or blanket for their comfort.  We also have a variety of crates for dogs who prefer to be in a crate, or parent request for a crate. 

We ask that meals are brought  in  individual baggies per meal.  

Where do the dogs eat? Dogs are fed one at a time in our kitchen. Each dog has a locker in the kitchen that holds their food and any medication, which is provided by the parent. We can not take rawhide treats. We use our own bowls, and have a refrigerator, freezer, and microwave if needed.

Boarding Rates


7:00-11:00am and 3:00-6:00pm

Weekend Hours

Saturday and Sunday....8:00-10:00am and 4:00-6:00pm