How to Get Started!

  • UPDATE 2/20/24. We are full and not able to accept new applications until September.

Our requirements:

  • Spay or neuter by 7-10 months old
  • Current Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella vaccinations

(Puppies 9- 16 weeks old can begin once they have 2 sets of puppy shots and Bordetella)

  • Completed Application form and signed Waiver form

The following are steps to getting your dog enrolled:

1. Complete our Application and sign the Waiver (located in our "Forms" section), and email to or text to 813-249-2000.

2. Please text or email your dog's vaccination records for us to review. Text 813-249-2000. Email

3. Once the vet records and Application are received, we will let you know if your dog is eligible for a Temperament Test.

4. We schedule Temperament Test appointments for Monday through Friday, with a drop off at 9:00am and pick up at 3:00pm. The cost is $28 for a single dog and $18 for a second dog from the same family.

5. The day of the Temperament Test, we will be evaluating your dog's temperament and interactions. We determine if this is a suitable environment for your dog, as we will only be able to accommodate dogs that are friendly with staff and other dogs.

6. Examples of reasons a dog would not be eligible for a Temperament Test, or would not pass:

  • Escape artists
  • Signs of aggression or fear towards dogs or staff
  • Gate/leash aggression
  • Inappropriate play manners
  • Possessive of toys, etc.
  • Intense separation anxiety

For small dogs, the Temperament Test includes introductions to staff and the other small dogs.

The following is the process for large and medium size dogs. We try to make your dog's first day a smooth transition. During our evaluation process, if your dog fails at any point, we will not move on to the next step, and you will receive a call for pick up. Safety is our number one concern for dogs and staff.

Step 1. Meet the staff one on one.
Step 2. We allow your dog to go potty outside, settle in, and interact with dogs at the fence to play yard.
Step 3. We will begin to introduce dogs to your dog one at a time.
Step 4. Your dog will join the group outside for supervised playtime.
Step 5. The group comes inside for quiet time.
Step 6. Your dog and the group will go outside again for afternoon playtime before pick up.

If your dog passes, then we would love to schedule your next visit!